- Creating visually appealing contest promotional materials, including flyers, social media graphics, and email newsletters.
- Designing the contest entry form and submission process for optimal user experience.
- Ensuring that all contest graphics and branding align with the company's visual identity and standards.
- Collaborating with marketing teams to develop a cohesive promotional campaign strategy.
- Reviewing and selecting winning entries based on design quality, creativity, and adherence to contest guidelines.
- Providing feedback to participants on their submissions to encourage skill development and improvement.
- Coordinating with production teams to bring winning designs to fruition, whether through manufacturing, printing, or digital implementation.
- Overseeing the packaging design for contest prizes, ensuring they reflect the brand's aesthetic and messaging.
- Monitoring and analyzing contest metrics, such as engagement rates and participation levels, to gauge the success of the design contest.
This year is the 25th anniversary of the 25th episode of the original Pokémon Anime series (Primeape Goes Bananas), with it being aired in Japan Sept. 16th 1997. In that episode, the main protagonist of the Series, Ash, get's his hat stolen by wild a Pokémon. It is then he reveals how he got the iconic hat and why it's so important to him.
As a huge fan of the Pokémon series, and someone who creates products through storytelling, I wanted to celebrate one of the most recognizable hat's in the world by re-creating the experience that Ash did in order get the hat himself, which has never been re-created. From Sept. 16th 2022 to October 2023 (when the episode aired in the US), I will be accepting mail entries for a chance to win 1 of the 100 limited, hand numbered hat editions.


<--- One of the lucky winners did an unboxing review
Introducing the limited edition 25th Anniversary Pokémon League Expo hat – a timeless tribute to two and a half decades of Pokemon mastery! This iconic headpiece, modeled after Ash's very first hat from the early Pokemon adventures, has been reimagined and upgraded to celebrate a quarter-century of Pokémon excellence.
Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the 25th Anniversary #PLE25 hat is a must-have for every Pokemon enthusiast and collector. The classic design pays homage to Ash's journey from Pallet Town to becoming a Pokemon Master, capturing the spirit of adventure and friendship that has defined the Pokemon franchise for generations.
For any questions, please contact the Official Pokémon League Expo below
Thank you!
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